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We are planning for the long-term maintenance of the Mega Flag raised on the east side of I-55 at mile  marker 35. We are only getting a few months out of these MEGA flags before they start ripping. At this time, we are exploring different approaches to resolve the issue, but in the end, we will still have to replace them periodically. So one of the ways to help with these costs is to start a membership drive. So for $10 per year you can become a member of the I 55 Flag Project. As a member you will have access to all the e-mailings meetings and discussion on all the details that go into the maintenance of the flags. Also, we have raised another flag on the corner of Hwy. 84 and Jackson Liberty Rd. west Of Brookhaven, so you will also be updated on that progress by email. A Facebook Group called I55 Flag Project/Mississippians To Keep The Flag Of 1894 has been created. So please join the group, so you can stay updated on the progress that we are making. We are planning to start an annual Joe Abbot Memorial Day the first Saturday of October, starting in 2023. So we have to raise money for road repair first. So please fill out the application with all your updated contact info. and be a patriotic Mississippian that supports our great cause and send your yearly dues to the address at the top of the application. Also it is sad, but we live in an age where numbers  count. If we are to have any hope of saving our State Flag we need dues-paying members. Thanks for your support. Membership open to all Mississippi State Flag supporters, men,ladies, and children.

For More Information
Phone: 601-600-0432

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